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Van Gogh’s Inspiration in Amsterdam


The Bed  Van Gogh

Last Saturday I was at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (which collection is still temporary exhibited at the Hermitage) … and enjoyed the contrast, the immediacy, and the freshness of the paintings…. How strong and unique his style.. How simple but also how articulate his inner message.. The incredible “wrong but so right” perspective of “The Bed” make me want to start distorting in my drawings and work loose. I have to say that lately I feel I have been a little too much in control of my work in the technical sense, and this will surely be noted in my last painting project called  “The Woman of the Thousand Worlds” that soon will be presented in New York City.  I have seen “The Bed” in other occasions at Musée d’Orsay in Paris, and also the smaller version at The Art Institute in Chicago; the only one I was missing was the one in Amsterdam. I believe it is the best, the strongest, (even if restored because damaged during a flood)..or may be I felt like the one in Amsterdam had to be the best because that was what I was expecting. It was amazing to see the whole transaction of his art production, a true inspiration for an expressionist and for all of us that love art, and deeply study it.