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Unexpected Explosion

I m working now on an informal piece; it’s an “unexpected explosion”. It’s surely fundamental to detach from the Figurative, Formal and other styles to become aware of our knowledge related to the use of color and form. Overall, this practice is necessary to understand in depth the values, which are so essential for a much refined and scholarly approach on the use of pigments. The title is VERTICAL LIMBO and it is part of my continuing project VERTICALLY – size 130 cm x 100 cm / 51″ x 40″. Acrylic on cotton and linen canvas with a whole self made priming.

Last but not least I do think that the Informal practice should not be an amateur’s improvisation but a path of refined intellectual search. This search comes to life with time and a baggage full of studying and knowledge (and often figurative practice). I uphold that ABSTRACT or/and INFORMAL (also CONCEPTUAL) are often sullied from a poorly erudite mass, which does not search but lightly interprets and performs; I m leaving to the artist the responsibility of her/his self-growth.