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Artist Statement

My most dynamic work, which comes to life with “Vertically” project, is a visual conversation between physical and non-physical space, it is a search for the place that contains our true nature.

This place is what I define Third Dimension.

In times in which, more than ever, the “worldwide” has opened different paths, which intersecting each other create union but also a sort of inner perdition, I look for an unequivocal space in which to move without preconceptions. This space, the Third Dimension, is a universe forged by the union of the conscious and the unconscious, which together create a “reality” recognized, appreciated and, especially, used uniquely by each of us.

It is a dimension that opens and combines heart and mind, putting at our disposal an inexplicable energy that is easily received by our most intimate and human receptors, giving us the ability to evolve detached from the often limiting concatenations of our existence.