Antonella Mason

Artist Statement

My current work, which is developing a dynamic project I refer as to  “Vertically”, it is a visual conversation of physical and non-physical space. My intention is to inspire an inner and potentially outer conversation, investigating the experience of an internal self-detachment together with the soul hunger for global belonging. This is our search for place “Being”: it is vertical, rooted and dug; however, it is also projected through becoming.

The  discourse on “verticality” strives to investigate the layers underneath the physical structured idea of how we represent its standing, bolted upright visual object. Indeed, this erectness can cut, on a feeling level, into our existence, enduring and generating all sorts of emotional outcomes and reflections.

As a result, an internal kind of “Limbo” can arise. At first, it can generate a sense of loss, but after, it creates a place of inmost self-development. In other words, “Limbo” is a place where getting lost becomes a search for finding who we are, and in so doing, look at the external world with different eyes and different heart.