I am free, no matter what rules surround me. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.
*** Robert Heinlein ***

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.
*** Confucius ***

Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler
***Albert Einstein***

Natural Talent, “Mature Natural Talent” and the road to “Self Discovery”

A friend made this statement:” In observing others and myself what I find fascinating is how we combine our natural talents, including those individuals that have charisma, with the imprint of humility and maturity. My profound experience of you, is that your expansive talents and extraordinary charisma are really guided by, or perhaps better said clarified and strengthened by, your humility and maturity.” (Joseph)

As per definition “charisma” is personality, strength of character, appeal, magnetism; however, all of this, in my own opinion, has to be attached to a deep interaction with the soul to be truly valuable ones’ self or others.  “Charisma” should never be fastened to something trivial or superficial. Yet, there are many interpretations on this theme. Perhaps because we all have our own internal meanings for words like trivial, superficial and attached. Perhaps you would agree that even though the Oxford English Dictionary may have clear definitions our shared lives are the places where language is born and meanings assigned.

These reflections took me directly into thinking about the degree of modesty and humility in people, and its relation to inner self-discovery and maturity.

I do believe that “charisma” reaches its true meaning as the result of consciously applying humility to inner self-discovery.

There is nothing very interesting, after a short while, about a person that has a self-inflated ego. In fact, this condition turns any “gift” into something common and small, like wanting “social status” because one is greedy only for fame or authority over others with less.

People that use their talents firstly to set themselves on a pedestal in front of society, are in my personal opinion limited, and prove to others their limitations, thus demonstrating their blind ignorance related to their own self growth. They are simply unaware that being humble is a powerful guide to self-discovery. Being humble creates space for growing a much clearer receptive state of mind and openness of heart to your own inner life and the life of others. Whereas the question arises, is “being humble” something you can decide? –This will be my next short chapter.

Nothing is more sophisticated than simplicity -Leonardo da Vinci taught us: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

I will split the definition of Talent in two categories: Natural Talent and Mature Natural Talent.

The first, “Natural Talent”, is the gift bestowed without effort where some qualities that some people possess manifest different skills, depending on their inner disposition. The second, “Mature Natural Talent”, has the same potential but with the addition of self-spiritual awareness.  With the addition of self-spiritual awareness we naturally find our way to the value of being humble: it keeps our channels of communication wide open. In addition, it helps maintaining the center core of who we are.  This maintenance I believe is essential to remaining clear and focused in order to be more receptive through our talent.  This process allows us to move forward to embrace the expansion through our individual human experience.  Mature Natural Talent represents our growth and recognition for achievement (or vice versa, our achievement for growth) through our Natural Talent.  In other words, Natural Talentcan generate an ego that limits the result, while Mature Natural Talent could very well originate tremendous possibilities and outcomes through the knowledge of self.

I am often in my own company. I appreciate studying myself when the right time allows it. I know I can channel my energy only on the things that are really important and interesting to me.

I know, it sounds kind of egocentric but it is not; it is actually the result of years of self-studying, self-questioning, and self  “reducing” allowing me the possibility of considering nuances such as those I am here taking into account. .

Moreover, my friend Andrew writes: “I like to find uniqueness of character and build from there.”  I agree with him and also think that this kind of uniqueness can represent the potential for a great talent to surface, no matter the nature of it. Therefore, the ongoing fearless cultivation of “uniqueness of character” can many times lead to great and unexpected results.

These are the shared thoughts of my inner journey, searching not only through my own eyes but making the effort to see, as best I can, through the eyes of the other. It is this searching from many points of view with humility that sustains the observations and openness of my Heart and Mind connection.

My experience of my internal world –is not always solely by virtue of the external world. The process of the Heart and the Mind working together is the only answer that allows me to be receptive and emotionally aware of my soul searching.

In my search for the ” human soul”, I have found an answer: we travel through the inner land of our own frailty, on a quest for meaning, connection and understanding, of ourselves and the world around us to enjoy the real power of what life can offer us. With selfish ego and “status” for “status sake” tied to any kind of Natural Talent, can we but struggle to unlock our limitless potential.