2011 BFA (Honors) Queens College CUNY New York City
2007 Attended St. John’s University New York
2000 The Art Student’s League of New York City
1995 Wood Cut Workshop with Andreas Kramer – Bohlen and Berlin Germany
1994 The International School of Graphics in Venice Italy
1992 The School of Nude Drawing at The Fine Arts Academy in Venice Italy

2019 Diary of the Third Dimension Relationship between Conscious and Unconscious 364days+1 Ivancich Palace Venice October 5/31
2018 Diary of the Third Dimension. Relationship between Conscious and Unconscious 364days+1 Sala Comunale d’Arte Trieste Italy May 25th June 16th
2017 Vertically: Terza Dimensione Civic Museum Sala della Ragione Asolo Treviso Italy October 8 October 22
2017 Vertically Talenti Gallery Portobuffole’ Treviso Italy September 30 November 26
2016 From Becoming to Vertically Villa Giovannina Villorba Treviso Italy November 5 December 7
2016 The Artist Tells Herself Murano Inn Porto Piccolo Sistiana Italy June 24 September 24
2015 Two Artists Show De Bakkerij Art House Bergen Netherlands June 12 August 25
2014 Spazio Open Bevacqua Panigai Treviso Italy September 08/21
2008 Synchronicity Fine Arts Gallery New York N.Y March 06/29
2004 Crema Annual Artist Expo Treviso Italy
2002 Villa Bembo Casale sul Sile Italy
2001 Centro d’Arte e Cultura Brolo Mogliano Veneto Italy December
1998 Rassegna Artisti Caffe’ Grande Venice Italy
1997 Rassegna Pittura La Barchessa Casale sul Sile Italy
1994 Nilo Blu Treviso Italy
1994 Rassegna Pittori Piola Treviso Italy
1994 Palm Beach resort Jesolo Italy
1993 Bissuola Art Mestre Venezia Italy
1993 Centro Sociale Mogliano Veneto Italy

2016 Cinema in Art Mazzoleni Gallery Venice Sacca Sessola Italy September 10 October 15
2016 Farini Gallery Bologna Italy January 30 February 14
2016 Avantgarde Merlino’s Gallery Bottega d’Arte Florence Italy January 8/18 – Action! January 20/28
2014 Varini Clinic Foundation Orselina Locarno Switzerland December/13 5 May 30
2013 artBrescia International Contemporary Art Biennale Brescia Italy April 20 May 5
2011 International Contemporary Art Expo Castel Dell’Arte Castel Dell’Ovo Naples Italy November 5/20
2011 artBrescia International Contemporary Art Biennale Mazzucchelli Museums Brescia Italy September 10/21
2011 Got Art? Queens College Queens New York May 20/28
2009 Art for Abruzzo Abate Zanetti Glass School Murano Venice November 27
2009 Art for Abruzzo Institute of Italian Culture London June 29 July 5
2008 Syosset Library L.I. New York St. John’s University Exhibition October
2008 Galeria De Arte Gaudi’ Madrid Spain August 1/31
2008 Sun Yat Sen Gallery Department of Fine Arts St. Johns University New York City June 1/30
2007 Manhattan Arts Gallery 24th Anniversary Online Exhibition New York NY
2003 Miromesnil Gallery Paris France June 2/16
1997 Castle of Roncade Treviso Italy
1997 Centro d’Arte La Staffa Treviso Italy
1996 Collettiva Piranesi Centro Arte Trevisan Treviso Italy
1995 International Art School of Venice Venice Italy
1995 Bolhen Summer School Bolhen Germany June
1995 S. Leonardo Gallery Nuova Figurazione Art Group Treviso Italy
1995 Centro Culturale Astori Collettiva Giovani Pittori Veneti Mogliano Veneto Treviso Italy
1994 Pittura in collettiva Bonisiolo Treviso Italy
1994 Centro Culturale Astori Collettiva 10 Pittori Veneti Mogliano Veneto Treviso Italy
1993 Centro D’Arte e Cultura Collettiva Nuova Figurazione Roncade Treviso Italy
1992 Collettiva D’Arte Nuova Figur Group Biancade Treviso Italy

2011 Highest Award for the Art – Queens College City University of New York
2009 Academic Outstanding Award from Queens College CUNY – Institute of Italian Culture Park Ave New York City – June
2007 Merit Award 21st Century Art -Generation X- Online Juried Exibition ‘Gallery without walls’
2007 Best in Painting Manhattan Arts International 24th Anniversary Juried Online Exhibition
1995 Selected Artist Collettiva Pittori Veneti – Veneto Italy
1994 Second Place Caruso Art – Venice Italy
1994 First Place Colorno Art Competition Parma Italy
1993 Award Ciardi Competition Quinto Tv Italy
Enrolled at Young Artists Club of Venice Italy

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