Diary of the Third Dimension

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Diary of the Third Dimension: Relationship between Conscious and Unconscious 364days+1 is the experience of the daily relationship between conscious and unconscious.

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Debut in Trieste

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Diary of Third Dimension. Relationship between Conscious and Unconscious 364days+1, will debut in Trieste on May 25th 2018 and will be on display at Sala Comunale d'Arte, Piazza Unita' d'Italia till June 16th.

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Convergence of conscious and unconscious creates a balance that takes you into the “Third Dimension,” where both coexist to allow infinite possibilities.

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Art Uncut

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A conscious-unconscious brainstorming experience that takes the audience into the artist's unlimited dimension, and unfolds a sequence of emotional happenings, while offering personal revelations.

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Fracturing the verticality in the middle of the Vertically project to connect two dimensions, on the Brooklyn Bridge, as to emphasize interdependence and unity, unconsciously pursuing the path towards Third Dimension.

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